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Welcome to Xiamen!
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Xiamen Cuisine

Fujian cuisine taking Xiamen cuisine as one of the representatives is one of the Chinese eight big cuisines, by steam, fry, fry, produce, bomb, braise for cook means mainly, have clear fresh light fragile it brings to be a little hot unique flavoring, famous for seafood, medicated diet in the style of the ancients, vegetable dish and local delicacies particularly.
More famous cooked food in Xiamen has the eighteen disciples of Buddha's sea foods and fowls in earthen jar Matrimony vine garrulous lobster, fragile skin bright shrimp ball, yellow shark's fin, lotus surround abalone, Sarah fragrant rough eel, fragrant crisp fish cutlet, egret island cone-shaped deep fried fish, lucky sweet dew ball,etc. more than one hundred style With a long standing reputation , there are more than 200 varieties in the local delicacies in Xiamen. Salty snack havecook meat Steamed rice dumpling, fish ball soup, the shrimp, pancake, taro make, fry Oyster, soil bamboo shoot freeze, sand the tea noodle, oil spring onions fruit, frying Ke and so on. The sweet food is peanut soup, round son's soup, tribute sugar tongs caking, frying the fried dough twist, frying dates, frying garlics, the noodle tea, etc.. Except the seafood, medicated diet and general top vegetable dish of the south are the representatives of Xiamen cuisine. In addition Xiamen dish include local delicacies also, Regardless of the seafood class sea Oyster fries, the gefilte fish, the minced green onion spiral, soup blood ge and so on, and carnivorous grilled meat brown, the crisp pigeon, the sirloin, explode the five spices and so on, also perhaps the dessert class oil onion fruit, the fragrant-flowered garlic box, the pizza, the facial suture stick and so on all to make one drool with envy, wants the bulk to make chewing motions. In addition, reach Xiamen must take stew the cooking pot dish, the taste is very good.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>The Nanputuo vegetable
More than 40 kinds of famous cooked food of vegetable dish of Nanputuo, main raw materials are rice and flour, soyfood, vegetables, mushroom, Auricularia,etc.. Xiamen t Nanputuo vegetable dish stress model, color and luster and taste, is mostly named after shape, not only the colour, fragrance and taste, shape are all good, but also each dish of vegetable dish has its each different unique taste . The dish name is quite graceful too, such as " half a moon sink the river ", " golden lotus of the South China Sea ", etc..

>>The sea foods and fowls in earthen jar
It is the traditional famous dish of the complete works which are collected the all kinds of delicacies, is the masterpiece of Fujian cuisine. More than 30 kinds such as its main raw materials shark's fin, sea cucumber, chicken breast, duck's meat, pig's tendons of beef, mutton or pork, mushroom, abalone, pigeon's egg, furnished with many kinds of condiments. " sea foods and fowls in earthen jar " are cooked well or not, the key lies in selecting the materials are meticulous, the skill in using a kitchen knife in cookery is exquisite, according to the rigorous mix procedure of the cook. When cook it, put dozens of raw materials into the used Wine pot, the mouth of the pot covered by the paper. And then cover it again, use prosperous to burn, boil first, slow to cook over a slow fire with slow fire and then. Because dozens of kinds are original, the batching is cooked over a slow fire together, there is common meat or fish smell, also keep each untouched characteristic, perfume is strong , soft and delicious.

>>Medicated diet
Medicated diet has long history in China, medicated diet of Xiamen innovates sedulously, have characteristics. Regard traditional Chinese medicine as the main material, but not the make flavour of a drug that difficult to swallow; Second, the medicine meal table varies with climate and other natural phenomena of a season, give full play to the utility of the tonic. For example, the recipe stresses benefit overcast in summer, the recipe will reinforce vital energy exquisitly in winter; Third, select the material exquisitly, stress the characteristic of seafood's medicated diet; Fourth, the cutting and slicing skill is meticulous, the ware is esthetic, the model of the dish is in different poses and with different expressions, give somebody beautiful enjoyment.

>>The taro chartered
The taro chartered, It is the snack in summer and autumn. Will get rid of the bulky taro to peel and clean and smash into raw taro and mud, with having a small amount of starch, refined salt, stir evenly, spread a layer of oil on the inboard wall of the bowl, put into a slice of silk filling materials such as prepared pork, shelled shrimp, mushroom, bamboo shoots, water chestnut,etc. in advance, cover one more layer of taro and mud. Spike and take out putting to steam and cook a meal in the food steamer gently. Mix with hot pepper, mustard hot, sand tea sauce ,etc. when eating. delicious.

>>The south of Fujian Province Steamed rice dumpling
The cooking the meat Steamed rice dumpling, base water Steamed rice dumpling of Xiamen, all has won fame both at home and abroad. Cook meat Steamed rice dumpling rice of Steamed rice dumplingto must choose the best to take advantage of, pork select streaky pork and stew in soy sauce fragrant and rotten first, combine with mushroom, shrimps, lotus seeds, steamed meat soup, white sugar,etc., dip in and adjust mashed garlic, hot , red thick chili sauce of mustard, sour various condiments of turnip while eating, slip fragrantly and sweetly and softly, glossy but not oiliness.

>>Oil spring onions fruit
Commonly called as " July half " on the Mid-autumn Festival, Take the shredded meat, water chestnut man, fry flat fish or dried small shrimp, rice sauce, white sugar, sweet potato powder , very light blue that pulverize, the five-spice powder, salt are made into the bulk, the rice sauce put into bowl was cooked. Should cut while eating, it is sour to put some sand tea sauce, orange juice, mashed garlic turnip ping, coriander (coriander ), taste pliable and tough and fragrant, delicious.

>>White slice of sturgeons
Choose the meat treasure lotion full, the south of Fujian Province coastal red sturgeon of local product enter the pan, put a few salt, boil to the water is dry and the shell to be red, appear one fragrant of crab, take out to cut into the slice, put into the dish and set on the desk. The meat is like jade in vain at this moment, it is red that the lotion is red, taste is clear and fresh. Mix with the ginger silk at the food, mix with the hot material.

>>Fry the squid flower
With the well-known main material of fresh squid in this harbour. Squid cleaned in vain are put in the clear water for 1-2 hours, pull out, drain, cut 5-6 centimeters or 3-4 centimeters wide rhombus knife flower the thin slice, mix with Dongxun lice, shallots section, tomato piece, pay white sugar, aromatic vinegar, thicken soup, prosperous passionate oil fry to cook, set on the desk fastly. The form of refresh squid like the flower whitefish roll, jade green and delicate and red and alternate, flavour is delightful.

>>The thrust augmentation fish stew the Chinese cabbage
It is the traditional famous dish in Xiamen. Cut the thrust augmentation fish small one; Make heart each of Chinese cabbage vertical to cut 5 petal, prosperous kerosene fried fish lump to medium rare, pull out and drip the oil; Chinese cabbage spread sand earthen bowl bottom, then put fish lump, ginger block, refined salt, continuing and revitalizing the wine, with boiling the clear soup, use the little fire instead to stew for half an hour. Fish and dish is mixed at this moment, give out unique perfume, the Chinese cabbage slips softly and rottenly and sweetly, the sweet-smelling of the entry is delicious. Stew in clear soup chicken: have another name called fragrant to reveal the whole chicken. Select one fat tender hen, go viscera clean, the abdominal cavity puts condiments such as the mushroom, ham, whole is put on the basin the shoe is steamed completely. This vegetables and sheer primary taste, chicken is soft and rotten and lubricous and tender, the chicken soup is fragrant and delicious.

>>Chow noodle line
This is a peculiar famous food in Xiamen. Select for the first-class thread noodle, enter the oil getting fried shallow coffee color first, pull out from the water and go away the oil, and then make the thin pork, fresh fish, mushroom, scene bamboo (fry fragile to mash) shoot flat fish (Explodes crisp stamp crushing) ---- put into pan and fry with the peanut oil one by one, and with pig's bone soup (chicken soup is better), add the revitalize wine, gourmet powder, bomb and putting the line frying gently, charge soup prompt shipment desk on the set slightly, when it is hot to eat. This dish is even and well-known to fry the liver in the south. Slice fresh pork liver, stress with colored mixture of salt and roast prickly ash, precise flour even companion fine, add and then right amount of spices, hot and getting fried powder brown to can install the desk on set , the moxibustion is hot and delicious, loose and soft and sweet and refreshing.

>>Bomb the spices
This is clicked by a name of Xiamen with special flavor, going with rice or bread or go with wine should suitable. It takes five colored pork as the core, cut the low one of rectangle, mixes with the cuts into granulous flat fish, the shallots, water chestnut, even with the potato powder, gourmet powder, soy sauce, five-spice powder, then roll the peel of the beans into bar- shaped, enter oil cauldron fry, succeed getting golden yellow to pull out crosscut become little piece, put desk on the plate. Dip in it with every tone material, it is fragrant, crisp, fragile when enter the mouth.

>>Philippine dish box
It is the famous snack of Chinese. Mix with flour right amount of lard get up crisp to make skin, another cut with leg of pork meat, shelled shrimp, flat fish, water chestnut, Philippine dish grain make fillings first, then make the crisp suitcase filling into the small cakes like box, pinch into the wave shape on the edge, put into oil cauldron, bomb getting golden yellow, pull out, drip oil load and set on the desk. Flavor is fragrant and delicious, melt in the mouth at once. Regarded a dish of pastry of the end at seat as generally.

Call spring roll also, it bake with flour thin to like wing of Cockroach the round cake skin, cut a filament Dongxun, pea glimmering, Gaoli dish, carrot, dried tofu, mushroom, etc., go to water, bake over a slow fire to familiar with separately, and then mix with the ripe meat cubelets, egg silk, shelled shrim , sea Li ,etc. with frying, water oil material loading to turn over and fry. Spread out cake skin when eating, it dips hot Mustard, into the roll. Because every dish is admixed, flavour is unique .

>>The soil bamboo shoot are frozen
It is the most representative one in Xiamen snack. The scientific name " siphon-worm " is produced in the seabeach silt, the method is to remove lifelike soil and bamboo shoot the silt of intestines and stomach, clean repeatedly, stew to dissolving with soup with the slow fire, package the little legendary venomous insect, cool, congeal into exquisitely carved small round one of a each. The food is ice-cold and delightful.

>>Sea oyster fried
Main raw materials is oyster, call sea oyster, too. The oyster made in Xiamen is a kind of monk's cap oyster, small, the shell grows up in the shape or triangles. The meat taken out, the white gill of meat is black, each one is 1- 2centimetres, the meat corn is even. The oyster of Xiamen is fry crisp and tender and delicious, taste delicious, can mix condiments such as the mustard thick chilli sauce or chilli sauce when eating.

>>The head of Noodle line paste
With shrimp, razor clam, Mytilus delicious quality fresh marine product, boil the soup and surface line boil into the paste. Boils when must grasp the duration and degree of cooking, achieved sticks but is not rotten effect. A line paste, Besides with the seafood as the batching, can add duck's blood or coagulated pig's blood, or cut some chitterlings put into surface line boil and stew paste, make the oil merge into it, the chitterlings is thoroughly cooked and delicious too, and then mix the deep-fried twisted dough sticks, fry the chopped scallion, the ground pepper powder is regarded as and flavoured, taste is more strong and more delicious.

>>Peanut soup
The peanut soup materials in Xiamen are simple, but cooking method is investigated. Peanut kernel pick go defect grain first, go membrane soak, with boiled water, put with water casserole endure and boil so as to the slow fire, wait for peanuts to put the sugar well donly, it is rotten completely to endure to the shelled peanut continuously. Can with the sweet salty snack to eat, for instance, fry date, fried leek dumplings, pork hun, sweet bag, polished glutinous rice fry etc..

>>The pie in Xiamen
In Xiamen being one have more than traditional food of history for less than a century. It material Seiko detailed fortunately, select high-quality flour for use, 2 layers of lard, first-class mung bean, make cake mung bean of filling steam to ripe and go shell, grind it meticulously, cake peel and crisp put amount of oil, rub just right. Smoke, pay attention to duration and degree of heating of mastering, make the outside id red while the external are full and the oil can not go away. The pie worked out like this, the cake peel is fragrant and crisp and glossy, the cake filling is ice-cold and sweet.

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