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Xiamen History

Another name of Xiamen is island of egret, because the legend is the place where the egret perches in groups. The light straits between Gulang Island and Xiamen, are called that the egret river. Set up the Tongan county in Taikang three years (282 year ) of Jin dynasty, belong to the Jinan county, then subordinate to the Nanan county. Began to move from the inland to the cultivation of opening up virgin soil on the island of Xiamen in the early years of the Tang Dynasty, Dali years (A.D. 766 years) the Xiamen island name " new city ". Tang Zhenyuan 19 years (803 years) south of Nanan county set up the Datong market, after five generation dynasty the Changxing four year (933 year ) promote to the Tongan county, belong to the spring state. Song belongs to the clear source army, flat navy, spring state.
Yuan belong to the way of spring state. Will belong to the office of spring state Ming. Start to build Xiamen big military 20 years (1387 ) of Hongwu, build the city wall on the island in big military 27 years (1394 ), 1416.67 meters around, 6.33 meters high, named as " Xiamen ", this claim of " Xiamen ", start to go down in history. In the period of Jiajing and Tianqi Year of Ming Dynasty, once resisted the harassing and wrecking and invasion of Dutch colonist of Wo's bandit bravly . Will it be the beginning of Qing and end of Ming Dynasty, national hero Zhengchenggong regard Xiamen as main base area go on resist to reply platform struggle, Zheng chenggong turning Xiamen into " think in the bright state " A.D. 1656, mean missing and resuming the Ming Dynasty. Another name " thinks Ming" in Xiamen, start from this. In March of Qing Kangxi 19 years (1680 ), the Qing Government moves provincial commander's office of navy of Fujian and stays in Xiamen. Set up the customs in Xiamen in 23 years (1684). 25 year (1686 year) with spring state office with knowing set up the defending for drawing room, Xingdaoquan (and then for Xingquanyongdao) move to Xiamee from Quanzhou the fifth year of Yongzheng (1727 year ), China and Britain sign " Nanjing treaty " in Daoguang 20 year (1840 year ), Xiamen become Qing Government force opening to the outside world one of the ports of " 5 trade relations ". Gulang Island of Xiamen became " the public concession " in Guangxu 29 years (1903 ).
After the 1911 Revolution overthrows the Qing Government, sets up Xiamen, established the Siming county in 1912, divided the JInmen, all kinds of Deng set up Jinmen county, put set up south way in 1915, set up the Xiamen city in April 1935. Japanese invaders captured Xiamen in May of 1938, have established the false government of Xiamen.
Liberated in Xiamen in October of 1949, established the municipal government of Xiamen, belonged to the city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government of Fujian, set up the Siming, Kaiyuan, Xiankang, Gulang island five districts. Cancelled the Xiagang district to incorporate into the Heshan, Siming two districts to Jurisdiction in March of 1950. Marked the Tongan county belong to the Jimei district of Xiamen city in October of 1953, in May of 1957, marked the east of Dongfu 12 villages and towns with the Tongan and Jimei districe to set up the suburb district of Xiamen, Abolishes the Heshan district in January 1958, change to set up suburb, original Haicheng county Hiachang district 3 township incorporate into Xiamen city suburb to Jurisdiction on October 1958, at the same time , the Tongan county mark to the Xiamen city from Jinjiang district, the Kaiyuan, Siming district changed the name to Dongfeng, Xiangyang district (October of 1978 chang to the origin name ), back to the Jinjiang district in 1970, then back to Jurisdiction by Xiamen city in June of 1973, May 1 of 1997, Tongan county abolish the county to the district..

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