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Welcome to Xiamen!
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Xiamen Overview

Xiamen city lie in east longitude 11804' 04", north latitude 2426' 46", locate in Fujian province southeast coastal river of Kowloon enter the sea, lean against Zhang state, spring state plain, close to the Taiwan Straits, in the face of all islands of gold door, and splash the lake archipelago to stand far apart facing each other with this island of Taiwan, call " egret's island " because in time immemorial for egret's habitat. Xiamen city have Siming, Kaiyuan, Gulangyu, Huli, JImei, Xinglin, TongAnn seven district. The Siming, Kyuan, Gulangyu, Huli four districts are the special economic zone among them. The island of Xiamen of main body of Xiamen, area is 128.14 sq. km., terrain slopes from south to north, northwestern part relatively smooth, south many mountain, most high is the Yunding rock, 339.6 meters above the sea level. Xiamen is a harbour straits port, coastline winding , 234 -km-long. The islands that spreads all over the place outside Hong Kong, make up natural defending the wave protective screen, surrounded by hills all around in the harbour, offer good windproof performance, the water in Hong Kong is wide and deep, does not freeze perennially, the depth of water is above 12 meters, it was the important port of coastal foreign trade of southeast of our country in history. Xiamen belongs to the subtropical, gentle much rain, the average temperature of the whole year is at about 21 ?, there is no heat in summer, there is no severe cold in winter. Annual average rainfall in about 1200, rainfall is the most April to August every year, the wind-force degree is generally force 3 to 4, it is often the Northeastern wind to the leading wind-force. Because of air current of difference in temperature of the Pacific Ocean, receive 4 to 5 influence of the typhoon on average every year, and concentrate on July to September. The total population in the whole city is about 1,350,000, the density of population is 859 people / sq. km. Mostly the Han nationality in the population in the whole city, there are more than 20 ethnic minorities such as Hui, Man, Zhuang, She, Miao, and high mountain besides. Because of the factor of geographical environment and historical background, there are numerous returned overseas Chinese, countryman residing abroad and compatriots from Hong Kong ,Macao and Taiwan of the relatives of nationals living abroad and Xiamen.

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