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Welcome to Xiamen!
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Xiamen Shopping

Xiamen main business street have Zhongshan way, Gulang Island leading way, Xiahe way, rich trader business circle, egret continent do shopping amusement house and lake middle Binhai Luis ,etc. traditional shopping place. Tall building old street, from Sibei to Datong road, west of Hexiang road have some small specific stores, relatively suitable for young people, is worth spending time to find. The road of Zhongshan is in the old urban area, is the most flourishing street, there are not only large-scale shopping centers here, have beautiful masterpiece little shop, goods complete at fair price, one of " China ten street ". The leading way of Gulang Island is the main business street of Gulang Island, mainly deal in the tourist commodities here, there are a lot of handicraft shops, calligraphy and painting shops, the handicraft that not merely has local Xiamen is sold, there is antique calligraphy and painting from all parts of the country; In addition, still sell dried food and nuts in the southern part of the country on the leading road and meet demands of northern visitor greatly, but must remember bargaining .

The special product in Xiamen

>>Paint the line carve
It has a long history and a good sale in various countries of Southeast Asia alone. Characteristic folk art paint line carve to be with painting lining producing meticulous. Since the painted sculpture prosperity through the special preparation method in the Tang Dynasty, paint line carve is winded by splendid person to statue of Buddha. Thing and animal image, paint the traditional subject matter of space so as to the people as early as centuries ago particularly, dragons and phoenixes, statue, on famous China and foreign countries, Chinese unicorn, cloud water, twine pieces of lotus ,etc. as more for instance. In the past, paint line carve is limited to woody only mostly, paint the basket and drama props pay. In recent years, it is develop to decorate the dish, bottle, stove, porcelain and glass ware already, a feast for the eyes, too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. Small piece paint line carve handicraft make box packaging by satin with damask silk, pretty and cleverly-made, it is easy to carry, convenient to travel and commemorate, good merchantable to present relatives and friends.

>>The pearl embroidery of Xiamen
It is a decorating handicraft with unique artistic style. With novel and unique splendid flamboyant to claim, have a history of more than 100 years. Xiamen pearl embroidery products have pearl slippers, pearl wall map, pearl package and so on more than 100 varieties. These products are adopted glitteringly and brilliantly, colorful glass pearl and film of light produced by electricity, use protruding embroider, flat embroider, bunches of embroide , grains of embroider, random stitch embroidery, vertical needle embroider, piles of slices of traditional craft tactics of embroidering etc. , embroider and make out the shallow relief type pattern. The pattern composition of the whole pearl is rigorous, too dense to allow the needle; Half a pearl pattern is graceful and beautiful, fresh and pleasing. Pearl embroidery slippers, embroidery art is investigated, the design is generous, numerous in variety, comfortable and easy to wear. Some vamp whether glass pearl embroider, some spend color pearl embroidery rare bird flowers ,etc. a variety of pattern on silk matte, gorgeous, soft and comfortable, especially wear and use at night, until light shine, sparkling to glimmer, splendor shine people. The pearl slippers of Xiamen, novel in design, fancy with it, the craft is meticulous, the style is unique, well received by domestic and international travelling trader.

It is local product of Tong'an, one is big, the skin is thin, the meat is thick, more juicy, sweet and delightful. Present feudal tribute of emperor with respect on being in the past, It is the Chinese and foreign good fruit that visitor competitively rushed to buy now. Tong'an is one of the counties of producing area of six major longans of the whole country, have more than one hundred varieties now, with an area of 30 million square meters to plant it, the longan produced sell at home and abroad.

I.e. the olive, there is result of moistening throats, detoxifying. The thirties, Xiamen drugstore Huaide room mix with olive famous and precious traditional Chinese medicine make olive and base to sell, because the flavour of a drug is too dense, sick talents to eat. The Yanjiachun sweet snack shop change it into the food with drug effect later on --Licorice root candied fruit, named blue and green fruit, Xiamen call " the olive drum ", the ferry crossing fills the throat fragrantly after the food, stop fainting and stopping vomiting .

>>The decoration of painted line
It is a unique skill and technique in the decorations craft of our country, already had a history of more than 200 years so far. Mainly apply it to on dress, dust first, utensil of the painted sculpture of folk statue of Buddha Qing Dynasty, because it is simple and easy to operate, the result is good, spread and open soon. Before liberation, There are specially deal in the retail shop that painted ornamental supernatural statue of Buddha of line in Xiamen, the products are still sold to the area of Nan Yang. The decoration of painted line carve have became the main traditional handicraft of Xiamen now.

>>Xiamen medicated wine
History is long, three kinds of medicated wine of the Wanqun hall, Chunsheng hall, Songjun hall among them, have a history of more than 200 years. Medicated wine is the integration body of crude drugs and wine, have curative effect of medicine, the function of the wine. The medicated wine which the winery of Xiamen produced, except the traditional wine of Wanqun hall, Chunsheng hall, Songjun hall, defend yuans of medicated wine, Weiyuan medicated wine, Yuegui wine, wine of phoenix and real medicated wine, the hairy antlers of young stag wine and so on varieties.

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