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The exhibition information in Xiamen

2006 China (Xiamen ) international photoelectric exhibitions

Exhibition time: April 8 - April 11, 20062006
Exhibition place: International Convention and Exhibition Center of Xiamen
Sponsor: Municipal government of Xiamen
Organizor: International investment promotes the centre, the photoelectron employer's organization of Xiamen in China (Xiamen )

Exhibition's contents:
LED and solar energy: Raw materials; LED epitaxy slice, the chip and all kinds of encapsulation device,etc.; LED produces, studies the apparatus and tests the apparatus; LED employs the products; Solar energy technology and products; Other: LED researches and develops, engineering design and achievement are shown, technology and products related to LED industry ,etc.. Photo-communication system and apparatus ; The components and parts: Active device , passive device,etc.; Other products , technology or service.
The reveal technology and products: EL , OLED , PLED , LCD , PDP , ELD , FED , VFD ,etc.. Infrared technology of laser and products: Process the apparatus with laser instrument and laser; The laser industry employs the products; Auxiliary equipment and fittings, etc.; Infrared technology and products. Optical products: Optical component; Optical material , technology and products; Optical device and instrument; All kinds of optical application systems and products. Only store technology and products: Only store; Only input / export the apparatus; CD player; Only nip the machine ; CD; VCD; LD; CD-ROM; MO; DVD; CD-R ,etc..
Mere ability to supply the necessary technology and products of electron trade: Clean technology and products; Defend static technology and products; Transport ability to supply the necessary technology of storing etc. and products ,etc..

Contact address: In the east of the 10th floor of Worker's Cultural Palace No. 47 of Xinhua Lu of Xiamen (361003).
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Fax: 0592-2669868
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