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Travel guide of Xiamen

>>Xiamen garden botany
Lie in the corner of ten thousand stone mountains Xiamen at the southeast of urban area, the garden is commonly called as " ten thousand stone botanies ". Garden mountains and rivers show bright, vegetation abundant, around ten thousand stone rock garden that reservoir design meticulously, according to scientific research and need of visiting, have arranged the grain bin of loose China fir sequentially, more than 20 one kind of gardens specially and planting area such as palm garden, Rose Garden, shady canopy, introduction and acclimatization area, medical botany, many meat plant district, blue flower nursery. Plant more than 3000 tropical, subtropical plant in the garden, have Metasequoia, gingko which called " living fossil " among them, the three trees of world views and admires trees greatly - Chinese golden larch, Japanese parasol pine, foreign China fir of surface, there are countless famous and precious cactuses. Under ten thousand stone lakeside deep and secluded valley of southeast, have one four seasons drifting fragrance, beautiful colourful all sorts of flowers Room. Five showrooms, cloister, Curving bridge, waterside pavilion in all here contact during it, surround the oval lotus pond. Room of left and right sides two, exhibition more than 200 kinds of exotic flowers and rare herbs: Carterliya orchid, 16 colored leaf taro, can take little Herba nepenthis of animal of variety, advanced spices mysterious fruit, gentle heart orchid. In the cactus garden ground, grows " the gold ball assassinates tigers " Cactus, has already cultivated for more than 20 years. Spheroid diameter is 70 centimetres, the first of leading the national celestial being's ball. " gold ball assassinate tiger " most attractive representative kind in the cactus, spheroid dark green, it is just hard and golden yellow to sting , can bloom once every 50 years.

>>The south Putuo temple
It has the claim of " ancient temple of thousand years", lie under the Wulao peak mountain, It is the well-known temple of the south of Fujian Province and even national, neighbour on the university of Xiamen. The temple relies mainly on offering sacrifice to Goddess of Mercy, it on the south of four major famous mountains of our country's Buddhism ---The south of the Putuo mountain in Zhejiang, thus get the name. The south Putuo temple originated from the Tang Dynasty, concentrate the history and long culture of the south of Fujian Province, Building of Tianwnag hall, Mahavira Temple, great sorrow hall, depositary of Buddhist texts, left and right wing-room, Bell and Drum Tower and so on, Grand, magnificent sight, quite has the Buddhism characteristic, have majesty of " The powers of Buddha are unlimited " even more. Collect Burmese jade Buddha in the depositary of Buddhist texts, ancient bells in Song Dynasty, incense burner, casted in bronze eight 24 arm Goddess of Mercy porcelain make Jigong living Buddha and a large number of Buddha allusion quatation Confucian classics having " Ming Tripitaka " " Japan Tripitaka " ,etc.. There are many places of inscriptions on precipices behind the depositary of Buddhist texts, among them there is a big stone, is engraving an enormous " Buddhism " word, high and 3.33 point four meters 3.33 meters wide, rough and bold and unconstrained and robust and strong, domestic rare. The Wulao peak behind the temple, it have this eminent monk past dynasties at the temple of towers and spring green at the tomb, Banruo pool, Jingye hole, Doushuaituo institute, Xumoti country and the Taixu pavilion, etc. too The south of Fujian Province Buddha institute of one side in the temple, with a long standing reputation home and abroad, is the cradle carrying forward Buddha dharma, training Buddhist's disciple, at present, a lot of students go to school here. The vegetable dish of " hall of plain room " in the temple, the cooking is exquisite, quite well-known.

>>The tourist zone of Gulang Island
Stand a small island on the southwest sea surface in Xiamen in the city of seashore, area is only 1.84, level approximate the Ellipse shape, it is famous maritime garden- Gulang Island. Gulang Island is originally known as " the round sand state ", have another name called " the son of round state ", rename as " Gulang Island " in the Ming Dynasty. The inhabitant is more than 23,000. On the southwest seashore of the island, have two fold rock, is corroded by the sea water year in year out, the middle form a vertical hole, the great wave bumps into the rock, send out it like the wave sound of beating a drum at the time of every rising tide, called " the drum wave stone ", Gulang Island gains the name because of this. National hero Zhengchenggong stationing troops herein, train navy, Gulang Island know for common people gradually. Gulang Island was determined as " the public concession " in history, countries such as Great Britain and American, France, Japan, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland, etc. had set up consulate on the island. Gulang Island has not left the snow throughout the year, there are flowers in four seasons.
The trees are lush and green on the island, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, the pavilions, terraces and open halls, set off stragglily. That graceful and unique building, rise windingly along the winding asphalt road, in around the house and at the balcony, roof, the top of the wall, people plant rose, orchid, chrysanthemum, celestial being ball ,etc. various gorgeous fragrant flower, the scenery is very pleasant. Still seen everywhere jade green bajiao banana, tall and straight ancient banyan, gorgeous flame-tree, delicate and pretty green bamboo on the island, and that flower bed of flower nursery that cluster round in blocks, make people too plenty for the eye to take it all in , so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return. Gulang Island is really a " maritime garden " that lives up to its reputation.

>>Ao garden
Located the southeast corner of Jimei, cover an area of nearly 9,000 square meters. Originally for southeast one island of seashore of Jimei, island have one light temple, called Aotou palace, have another name called one thousand li palaces. By the porch, collect three parts of Liberates the monument and Mr. Chen JiaGeng's mausoleums to make up.
The design of the porch is exquisite and free and easy, carve engraving in a chain of groups on the wall of both sides. "Jimei liberation monument " standing in the middle of the garden, the whole monument is 28.6 meters high, entire body is built up of granite, two storeys of bases, eight of lower floor of the step, upper strata are tertiary, symbolize the war of resistance and the three war of liberation for eight years, wind with the blue and green fence of stone carving all around. The southern side of the monument is Mr. Chen JiaGeng's mausoleum. Build in order to polish the granite with a waterstone into a tombstone, is engraving the gold-decorated lishu characters on the tablet, tomb body take the form of longevity tortoise, tomb pool make horse's hoof form, top cover polish with 13 with a waterstone blue and green to fight stone spell, inlay, Left deviation, Right deviation, the last three of tomb regard blue and green stone screen wall as, hinder, it have 15 old good age Mr. half a lifetime important relief of experience draw a portrait. Holding a memorial ceremony for pavilion in front of the tomb, and screen wall facing the gate of a house build, carve with blue and green stone behind the tomb, refined and serious. The stone engraving of Ao garden is divided into the relief, shadow and carved and autographed three kinds.
The short wall in Ao garden, railing , pavilion column ,etc. place in the garden, engrave leaders of the country and the Party, questions of distinguished personages from all walks of life present the poesy and antithetical couplet, praise Mr. Chen JiaGeng's spiritual morality highly. It gather the south of Fujian Province stone engraving essential part again, display our country's superb stone carving artistic level, so there is laudatory title of museum of stone carving of the south of Fujian Province.

>>The Forest Park of India mountain
Lie in the Forest Park of India mountain of Jimei of the northwestern part of suburbs of Xiamen, from more than 30 kilometers of urban areas, takes up an area of more than 40,000 mu, forest coverage rate is up to 96.8 percent; Macrophanerophytes one layer of varieties of trees take masson pine as the core. The mountain peak is rolling in the district, mostly above 700 meters, the mountain of Tianzhu of highest peak has an elevation of 933 meters, peak celestial fairy flag once has an elevation of 916 meters. Have magnitude five man-made lake, total water demand reach more than 1000 Cubic meter, The water is large of Xitou lake among them, up to 11 sq. km. . Strange rock and spectacular rocky peak are a big characteristic of the park, peach of immortality stone, green turtle stone, hawk's mouth rock, huge stone workshop, old-fashioned square table for eight people, a thousand Zhangs of rock,etc., make people cause the infinite reverie. In here green world, five artificial reservoir like 5 pearls inlay among the sea of woods, limpid like the mirror, water quality is sweet, stroll or go angling at the bank, what joy it is.
Site of very quiet temple that leaves the Tang Dynasty recorder under the setting sun and mountain, it seems from remaining temple base, stone tablet inscription, the ancient temple is mighty in architecture, numerous of monks, the rich sugarcane in the hillside plot. Year such as history, Tang 13 emperor Xuanzong Licheng once spend 3 years here. Leave historic sites such as bath dragon's pool, bath dragon's bridge, emperor's well,etc.. Forest farm field department, mountain of India, It is the ancient battle field of Qing star Zhengchenggong, defeat Chenjin, so on 20 - 24 of the seventh lunar month in every year, several tens of thousands of masses come here to carry on grand holding a memorial ceremony for and praying, pay homage to the activity and last several days, lively and incomparable.

>>The garden of bean village
Built in 1931, lie in south of the island, faced the sea, stand with behind the shake rock, border on the travel village of the view the sea garden in the east, view the bathing beach of Gangzai in the west. It is the local famous good private villa of gentry's forest originally, transformed into the park in 1955.
The whole garden divide into the hide sea garden, mend mountain garden two parts, each build five scenes. There are sinuous " 44 bridges " in the garden, like the wave of the shoe; The fault mountain besides the mountain, is called " 12 cave heaven ", communicate circuitously, wheel from head to foot, don't be witty. Every scene complements one another in the garden, straggly in order, integral; Garden on the sea, sea among garden, it have exquisite and graceful of courtyard and little garden, have forceful and grand like wave fly to whom gull circle in the air; Moving contrast with the quiet, bring out the best in each other, visitors come here, so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return. Bean village garden collect individual characteristic of three of ten major world landscape art in a garden most, it is very rare.
The first characteristic is to " hide the sea ": People walk at the road and can't see the sea, reach garden gate stock the door still can't meet the sea even, one yellow wall block the sight, by the time leave away the moon gate, wind the bamboo grove, " the sea and sky are boundless " suddenly, obtained the surprised result that saw the sea suddenly. Stand up by " hide " sea first, and then sea surge forward, then the sea come togethered, guide people step on sea and walk, come " see tides floor " of sea, view and admire seascape is full of spirit really.
The second characteristic of the garden of bean village is " taking advantage of skillfully ": Forest domatic border on the sea, reef of bay, the sea water of fluctuations is all utilized by Linerjia, afford to enclose, borrow natural beautiful scenery foreshadowing all around, turn into, contain and receive the sea, there is a level, broad maritime garden of visual field. This is in any city of China, any park is all unable to have a taste of so beautiful an artistic conception and temperament and interest, this is the most point of beautiful of the bean village garden to attract the people. Can see turbulent and strong wave, the surge journey to and from here; The south Taiwu far distance, Dan island, blue and green small island, Wu small island, mists and waves stretch far into the distance, the graceful bearing is graceful nearby; Sunlight rock of ahead, hero mountain and even sea high small island corner of deep blue become exteriorses of the garden, form a dynamic stereograph, very beautiful. The third characteristic of the garden of bean village is: " Moving and quiet is combined ": Lin ErJia treat the moving and quiet is quite original, domatic to build a rockery, split into " 12 cave heaven " according to the twelve Earthly Branches, the hole and hole are associative. Have light pavilion little pavilion by the slope, view of having a rest, display quiet refined environment. The flow of the tide, the reasonable lies of long bridge, in profusion on the bank, all the competitors strive to be the best in the sea, have reflected the moved combined with quiet blending and harmony, consummate in craftsmanship. And Linerjia move the small bridge of Taibei into it too, Make the eyebrow mourning hall, cabinet, etc. build prettily and cleverly-madly, adopt the hiproof of layers of eaves, fly to eaves stick up horn, coloured glaze white wall, small bridge flowing water, simple and elegant and noble and unsullied, become integrated with sea color, mountain color. Make up style unified China traditional garden building colony, make whole garden have the South garden beautiful, the ones that hold the beautiful of south of Fujian Province garden concurrently again.

>>The sunlight rock
Commonly called as " the shaking rock " to lean towards the end of leading mountaintop of the south, 92.68 meters above the sea level while lying in Gulang Island, it is the highest peak in Gulang Island. Rock build round platform, stand peak, lean upon a balustrade, view in the far distance, have a panoramic view of the drum scene of tall building, the peak waist is with jagged rocks of grotesque shapes in the mountain, in the scattered woods, " lotus flower Buddhist nunnery " " ancient to go away for one's summer holidays hole " " leading mountain site " " whether water speak platform " " Zhengchenggong memorial museum " and so on buildings ", stone hole, the ancient city and past dynasties inscriptions on precipices can be seen indistinctly, one person during it, think of ancient and comfort for today, will make people sigh with all sorts of feeling. There is a stone hole under the sunlight and rock, it is a vent erected by the huge stone, claim " ancient summer resort hole " is unusually nice and cool in the hole, whisk the beads of sweet of fatigue off for the person that travels. Carving a poem on " ancient summer resort hole " back, " the sunlight and rock, more and more stone, it surround by sea become there aren't jade ladder it, on there will be great wind of day great, the sea under it. " come from the pen of Jiangdingwen, Jiangdingwen is the fellow of JiangJieShi, after " solving " the " the changing of Fujian " of army of No. 19, the full will of the footprint of hesitating, the mood is extremely good, just write down this inscription that quite has a little literary grace. Someone say " visit Xiamen don't visit Gulang Island is not mean to visit Xiamen ", the correct statement should be: Visit Xiamen can't ascend sunlight rock is not mean to visit Xiamen. The wind platform of wind, the wind is sough, great waves billow, the inverted image of hills and mountains, large ship disposition, look and look around, cover all at one glance, embrace it in the chest to the limit. This image and scene, nobody feels excited, lofty sentiments are strong.
Look from the sunlight and rock down, Gulang Island looks like a barge, it berth at bluish waves of ten thousand, sink and floating, glimmer glistening light of waves; Whether it is like a potted landscape, put in the emerald plate, in picturesque disorder, do not enjoy to the limit; Whether look like a sleeping bueaty, lie supine in the mist account, the graceful bearing is graceful, exceedingly fascinating and charming.

>>The fort of Hulishan mountain
Lie on the Hulishan mountain seashore of the south of island of Xiamen, it lasts five years to finish in 17 years (A.D. 1891 ) to establish in Qing Guangxu period. Stockaded village wall base department stir and construct with dark camphor tree juice, lime, polished glutinous rice and silt, unusually firm. Two main big fort are equipped in the fort of east and west, there are two big guns and 12 pieces of steel and a big gun on both sides, these big gun take buy from the factory of Kelibo of Germany, main big gun every 60,000 silver. Have resisted foreign country's naval invasion many times in history of the fort, it is the strategic point. Still leave the one east port at present, the height of big gun is 13.96 meters, 60 tons in weight, bore is 28 centimetres, 84 riflings, the largest range is 10460 meters, 6040 meters of effective range, it is said that the largest ancient big gun king in the world. September of 1997, have set up the glorious treasure museum in the Hulishan mountain fort, divide into world strange stone exhibition hall, world ancient arms exhibition hall, world ancient double-edged sword exhibition hall, world ancient cannon exhibition hall and ancient tree fossil show area. Exhibit all kinds of handed down from ancient times and collect more than 3,850 products. Among them there is a small big gun, it was the Portuguese that make in the 13th century, it was 11 centimetres long, 0.22 kilograms in weight, the diameter is 2.4 centimetres, it is said it is a minimum cannon in the world. In this way, there are two biggest and minimum big guns in the Hulisahn mountain fort, rated as an unsurpassed one.

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