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Welcome to Xiamen!
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Xiamen Transportation

External traffic

The International airport of Gaoqi of Xiamen is only 10 kilometers from the urban area of Xiamen, it is the domestic air harbour of the fourth largest entry and exit following Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. Xiamen open up to navigation with domestic 40 more than our country large and medium city, in addition still the flight to Hong Kong, Macao, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Osaha and other places.

Connect with continent across the long dyke of sea on the island of Xiamen, the railway can arrive in the urban area of Xiamen directly. The railway station of Xiamen lies at the standing grain way of the tall building and east crossing of lake, have already communicated with a lot of large and medium cities.

Water Carriage
Xiamen harbour is southeast coastal natural deep water good harbour of our country, open of our country coastal the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, midstream and downstream of the Changjiang River and river of Kowloon flow very inside and quay of villages and towns, open each harbour of world. There are 4 harbors at present in the harbour of Xiamen: Peaceful harbor, Dongdu harbor, Gaoqi harbo, Liuwudian harbor, among them with peace quay, ferry quay, Hulishan quay and Xiamen total guest travel quay as main passenger traffic quay, the peaceful harbor lies along the line of the urban area seashore of Xiamen; Take the Heping quay as the main quay, Dongdu quay lie in the west of Xiamen island, the Gaoqi harbor lies in the island Northeastern side of Xiamen, the harbor of Liuwudian harbour lie in the Liuwudian of An county.

The highway of Xiamen passes sea wall and Xiamen bridge and the whole province highway networking of Gaoji, have formed the transport network of Fuzhou to Xiamen, Xiamen to Zhangzhou as the main arterial highway. The main long-distance bus station of Xiamen is as follows: phoenix tree village bus stop (face to the train station), lakeside long-distance bus station ( No 59 of south of lakeside road), Jimei bus stop (No 159 of Yinjiang road of Jimei). Dozens of buses leave for Fuzhou, spring state, Zhang state, Longyan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou and other places every day in Xiamen. There are Wu village long distance bus stops on the Xiahe road, just on the opposite side of railway station.

Internal traffic

There are 50 public transportation routes in the urban area, the buses or double-decker bus all implement the self-service ticketing, the car admission fee is 1 yuan. There are Middle bus, air-conditioned passenger train. In addition, there are small buses of special line, the body of car is blue, the head of the car have the name of station, Non fixed station and the place outside of the Forbidden area can meet the passenger everywhere (wave and park), car money get up cumulate by 1 yuan, according to reach actual journey of destination pay.

The taxi of Xiamen is in good order, line up to wait, there are special taxi meets the guest district in heavy market, shopping center. The taxi starting fare of Xiamen is 8 yuan, the last 2 yuan per kilometer for 3 kilometers.

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